Vervo Middle East is awarded the "Rookie of the Year"!

Vervo Middle East is awarded the "Rookie of the Year"!

In the first edition of “The Landmarks in Logistics Awards 2022” event held in Dubai, Vervo Middle East has been awarded “Rookie of the Year." The award ceremony was held in The Address Dubai Mall’s diamond ball on the 22nd of September, where we celebrated the innovative logistics players in the UAE.

In a festive mood, Mr. Maris Dreimanis, the CEO of Vervo Middle East, has received the award as the logistics rookie of 2022 in the UAE, with the presence of a large gathering of logistics leaders and entrepreneurs.

The Vervo Group company in the Middle East started operations in Dubai in March 2022. However, as Beverly Sills said, “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going to.” At the Vervo Group, we have completed over 109,000 global freight since 2008 and efficiently transported all cargo types to more than 120 countries.

We have established a solid reputation throughout Europe for the past 14 years as a reliable logistics service provider. Now, Vervo Middle East partners with global strategic players in the shipping market. We offer our partners and clients in the UAE real peace of mind through our wide network of tech-driven infrastructure and our end-to-end bespoke solutions. At Vervo Middle East, we are pleased to receive this special recognition for our contribution to keeping global trade moving seamlessly amid the challenging global environment. 

Vervo Middle East in Numbers

Vervo Middle East, affiliated with the Vervo Group for freight forwarding and logistics services, consists of a global team of experts with +70 years of experience in the supply chain and logistics industry.

With a client base of +8,000 happy clients and over 3,000 permanent individual and business shippers, our mission at Vervo Middle East is to maintain the competitive edge of our clients and partners and offer them true peace of mind.

Vervo Middle East provides shipping services for different cargo types, covering all transportation modes with added value. We manage to attract more than 1,500 new regular shippers a year. Our tech-driven suite of a wide range of logistics solutions besides shipping includes warehousing and inventory management, cargo tracking and condition monitoring, customs brokerage in more than 120 countries, and cargo insurance solutions. 

Speaking logistically, we appreciate our clients’ time! At Vervo Middle East, you can get a comprehensive free quote within an hour; that also helps them save more time spent on developing the shipping strategy in the future.

Working in line with the UAE's sustainability vision, Vervo Middle East establishes its solutions based on sustainable shipping. We develop our solutions consciously to sustain businesses while achieving a carbon-neutral footprint.

What did they say about us?

Our services cover most of the vital industries around the world that are necessary to maintain the high economic performance of any country. Through our logistics expertise, no matter how small or large the shipment is, we have helped our clients handle and arrange fast delivery for all-size shipments. Here is what they say about us:

“We have been cooperating with The Vervo Group since 2011. Cargo delivery takes place approximately once a month. We are very satisfied with the performance of Vervo. Mutual communication takes place through e-mails and telephone conversations; Vervo informs us about the approach of the load in time so that we can prepare for the reception. "

Jānis Lasis – Chairman of “JLD” Company
“Thanks to the cooperation with The Vervo Group, our cargo is regularly delivered to Estonia and Lithuania, as well as to such countries as the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, and France. We use the services of this reliable company twice a month on average. It is basically land transport. "

Mareks Zeiliņš – Sales Representative at Trimen Tractors  

“We started working with The Vervo Group in September 2012. We chose the Vervo group because of their very friendly attitude and flexible prices. We have transported combined loads from Poland and Spain. We were carrying the full load from Turkey—Istanbul. We were carrying radiators for the winter season. We recommend The Vervo Group as a responsible and knowledgeable partner in the field of cargo transportation to other companies that need transport services. By acquiring such a cooperation partner, you can be sure that the cargo will always be on time and in the best order.”

Dzintra Zhukova-Management of SIA Magma 

What sets Vervo Middle East apart?

A unique shipping approach

We keep global trade moving safely, conveniently, and cost-effectively. Rich professional experience, financial stability, proven freight transportation routes, and advantageous cooperation agreements with leading strategic freight carriers around the globe provide a stable basis for our work with clients.

Safe Cargo Freight

Our clients’ sense of security is the best assessment of quality work. Safety is one of our operations’ pillars at Vervo Middle East. We are committed to following the highest international safety standards to ensure the safety of our team and clients' cargo.

  • Regardless of the cargo type or the transportation mode, our proven and qualified professionals plan and implement the appropriate freight strategy for each cargo.
  • In more than ten years of operation, we have only cooperated with those who have proven themselves as reliable and safe partners. 
  • According to our clients' requirements, our logistics solutions of "all-risk" cargo insurance, real-time cargo tracking, and end-to-end warehousing services offer them additional safety. 
  • We provide escort, door-to-door security, accurate transit times, and insurance for all cargo types. 
  • Our certified teams of logistics specialists accompany each cargo throughout its journey to transport it in perfect condition and ensure its safe handling.

Client Convenience  

Now it is possible with Vervo Middle East to arrange freight forwarding without leaving the office.

We build our business by listening to our clients' needs and understanding their situations, perceptions, expectations, and communication preferences. This helps us create meaningful experiences and build lasting relationships.

With each cargo, we pay attention to our client’s convenience in terms of cost, time, and resources. As the client’s commitments become ours, we deploy our expertise and state-of-the-art technology to ensure goods are delivered promptly and reliably.

Cost-effective solutions without compromising quality

Our clients capitalize on our free-of-charge professional consultation that helps our clients foresee potential possibilities, which makes the cargo preparation process faster, saves time and helps us maintain a resilient bond between our company and the clients. 

We are committed to maintaining operational excellence, considering the demands of our clients on services that include the full cycle of cargo transportation at favorable quotes to improve their supply chain performance.

Regardless of the delivery location, we plan the most appropriate route with the possibility of overall cost reduction in mind. Vervo Middle East also offers promotional solutions to our long-term clients and partners, promoting mutually beneficial long-term cooperation in cargo transportation.

A bespoke approach to every client and each cargo

Your team of seasoned specialists is well acquainted with the various needs and requirements in the shipping and logistics field. Our experts examine each cargo’s special needs and develop the most convenient freight solution to reach its destination safely.

The “Logistics Rookie of the Year” Award — 2022

The Landmarks in Logistics Awards is a pioneering initiative organized by the Logistics Gulf News and sponsored by leading institutions in Dubai, such as the National Association of Freight and Logistics (NAFL). The Landmarks in Logistics Awards aim to choose one winner in each thematic category related to the logistics industry every year.

The Awards present the leading companies within the logistics and supply chain industry, allowing them to showcase their success and achievements while recognizing enterprises, individuals, and sustainability efforts.

The jury panel for the “Logistics Rookie of the Year” Award category explored the new companies that entered the Dubai market with the promise of immense potential. This award recognizes ingenious and ambitious entrepreneurs in logistics and supply chains across the region who have been swift to seize opportunities as they come along. The Rookie of the Year Award acknowledges and distinguishes a new business that has demonstrated outstanding performance in its first year.

At Vervo Middle East, we are delighted with this award. This is proof that our mission is heading in the right direction. We are fulfilling our core objective of providing individual shippers and companies that entrust their cargo to us with efficient solutions that help build faster, safer, and more flexible supply chains. 

We also thank the efforts of all those in charge of the Landmarks in Logistics Awards. We believe that this annual event comes in line with the UAE’s initiatives to encourage talent and experience. The UAE has always been supportive of businesses that contribute to the diversified economic growth of the country.

Vervo Middle East has much potential to contribute to the logistics business in Dubai. We are eager for further cooperation and partnership opportunities in the region. Get in touch today with our team via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange our meeting in the UAE.



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