Everything started with an idea and the first shipment

We started young, with a small team, a small office, and a few cargoes. The idea and determination - to provide efficient and regular cargo shipments - turned out to be the chance to provide the highest quality customer service, a full range of transport and logistics services, and innovative solutions.

About us

VervoGroup was founded in 2008, when SIA Vervo, a transport and logistics company, started to operate. However, the next big step for Vervo Group is the beginning of 2011,  SIA ONFREX, a transport and IT infrastructure development company, was launched. At the moment, Vervo Group combines 6 companies in the transport and logistics industry that are focussing on a common goal - to develop and improve the logistics sector - the bloodstream of the global economy. Each company is designed with the vision to simplify complex operations as much as possible. In that way, those who are experts in other fields could still find suitable solutions in logistics too. It also allows us to be closer to our customers. Vervo Group is also a member of two associations: the Latvian Association of freight forwarders and logistics (LAFF) and Latvia's Auto (Latvijas Auto). It means that we contribute to the industry's development in Latvia and abroad.

Who are we?

The companies of Vervo Group are the leading ones in the transport and logistics industry in Latvia. Our team consists of experienced specialists, who have gathered more than 70 years of total professional experience. We handle approximately 1000 cargo shipments to and from more than 120 countries each week, including customs brokerage and warehousing services. We have business partners all around the world, and, to establish even closer partnerships, we have opened Vervo LLC branches in Estonia, Poland, and UAE. Our next steps include offices in France, Finland, and Italy. 

The story of Vervo Group - main moments

2008 - Vervo was founded

One can do much but two can more

The story of Vervo LLC began when two partners - Māris and Aija started their own freight forwarder journey. In the beginning, the team consisted of 3 people. By combining creativity with analytical skills and working tirelessly for several hours a day, including weekends, Vervo LLV gained success and recognition from customers. Over the years, we are able to provide cargo shipments with added value - quality, excellent customer service, and openness.
2011 - ONFREX was founded

An innovative solution that is created to improve the disadvantages of the system used previously

On a daily basis, working with freight exchange systems, there was a need for additional modern functions that allow establishing partnerships between cargo and transport owners even more conveniently. The ONFREX system helps its users find new long-term partners. At the moment, e-CMR is being created and implemented so the partnership between cargo carriers and government institutions is even simpler.
2016 - Branch in Estonia

Vervo now in Estonia too - Vervo Eesti

Opening the branch in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, allowed us to strengthen our position in the transport and logistics market in Baltics. Since 2016, we have been even closer to our customers in Northern Europe.
2019 - Vervo Auto was founded

From an idea to the first Vervo trucks

Transport company Vervo Auto Ltd. began with the first cargo shipment from Latvia to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Among other transport companies, Vervo Auto stands out with its high-quality freight forwarding and excellent customer service, providing solutions for many different situations.
2022 - Vervo branch in Poland

Even closer to our clients in Central Europe - Vervo Polska

Vervo Polska is one of our development steps in Central Europe. It will make the international cargo shipments even easier in all directions. Poland is also an important part of international rail freight transport from China to Europe.
2022 - Vervo branch in UAE

If the mountain does not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad goes to the mountain

Our company in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, - "Vervo Middle East" is the spot where Europe is connected with the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. The international exhibition "Expo 2020 Dubai" confirmed the desire of Europeans and Arabs to cooperate. We hope to increase and improve the flow of goods by providing efficient cargo shipments.
Soon to be ...

We set large targets because they are easier to reach!

Vervo Group is planning to become the leading logistics partner for companies in Europe and the Middle East. Currently, we are working to develop an IT platform "ONFREX", increase our truck fleet to 60 vehicles, and open branches in Finland, France, and Italy.


Vervo Group's vision is to find the most efficient transport and logistics solutions to develop the industry as a whole and simplify the freight forwarding processes.

Our foundation is our values

Sustainable development
Vervo Group is based on continuous development and innovative transport and logistics solutions that make the work for shippers, freight forwarders, and transport owners easier.
Our employees
Vervo Group employees are experienced experts in their field. We work as a team to find the most unusual solutions to different challenges.
Our clients
Vervo Group customers are our fuel and driving force. They are the ones who determine how things will happen. We listen to every customer's feedback, adapt to each customer's needs, and are happy to be a part of their business development.
Vervo Group companies have set their work quality standards which are taken into account every day. For each customer, we clearly define all the possible solutions. That is the foundation for a long-term partnership.


Māris Dreimanis
Māris DreimanisCEO of Vervo Group
Andris Žīgurs
Andris ŽīgursDevelopment Manager of Vervo Group
Dmitri Beloussov
Dmitri BeloussovManager of Vervo Eesti
Aija Bērziņa
Aija BērziņaCo-owner
Jānis Zariņš
Jānis ZariņšCo-owner of Vervo Auto
Agnieszka Przystupa
Agnieszka PrzystupaManager of Vervo Polska
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