Vervo in Poland - exhibition visitation with Vervo Polska

Vervo in Poland - exhibition visitation with Vervo Polska

From November 7th to 9th, the 10th International Transport and Logistics Exhibition - TransLogistica Poland took place, which is a leading logistics industry event in Poland and Central Europe.

The exhibition is an annual event that brings together industry professionals and entrepreneurs from around the world to exchange experiences, showcase the latest transportation and logistics solutions, and find new business partners.

TransLogistica Poland focuses on several industry sectors, including transportation, logistics, freight transport, customs and warehousing services, as well as information technology and solutions that facilitate logistics and transportation processes.

Representatives from Vervo and Vervo Polska also attended the exhibition. This short trip to Poland provided an opportunity not only to visit the exhibition and establish new contacts but also to visit colleagues from Vervo Polska.

TransLogistica Poland offered a comprehensive exhibition program in which experts and industry professionals shared their experiences and discussed current issues in the sector. It's a great opportunity to gain new knowledge and get acquainted with the industry trends.

This year, TransLogistica Poland brought together more than 500 companies from all around the world, including those from Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and more. The exhibition featured transport companies, logistics service providers, technology companies, port managers, as well as government and non-governmental logistics organisations.

The exhibition provided an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest technological innovations in the logistics and transportation industry, such as logistics management systems, data analysis solutions, and more. Various products and technologies offered at the exhibition that promote environmental sustainability also garnered significant attention.

Within the framework of TransLogistica Poland, several seminars and discussions were held, featuring leading industry experts who shared their knowledge and experience. The exhibition provided an excellent opportunity to establish new business relationships and find business partners. Several exhibitors offered collaboration opportunities by showcasing their services, results, or products.

Vervo sincerely thanks both the exhibition organisers and its participants for this excellent experience. TransLogistica Poland was a special event that provided us with an opportunity to gain new knowledge, acquaint ourselves with the latest industry trends, and meet professionals who made this exhibition so interesting and valuable.

This event fostered collaboration, information exchange, and development in the logistics and transportation sector. We are delighted to have been a part of it and will continue our successful collaboration and expand our business opportunities based on this rich experience.


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