New Business Horizons: SIA Vervo in Latvian - Central Asian Business Forum.

New Business Horizons: SIA Vervo in Latvian - Central Asian Business Forum.

Vervo Group consolidates its position as a prominent global logistics firm through expansion into central Asian markets.

On June 12, SIA Vervo, a leading global logistics company operating for over 14 years, solidified its growing presence in Central Asia through strategic partnerships formed at the Latvia - Central Asia business forum. The event aimed to foster trade links between Latvian and Central Asian businesses, where SIA Vervo had the opportunity to showcase its expertise and network.

SIA Vervo was represented by co-owner Maris Dreimanis, development manager Andris Zigurs and logistics manager Sergejs Nikaluks. "Our main objective was to strengthen cooperation with both manufacturers and transport companies in the region," said Dreimanis. "Several negotiations and memoranda were concluded that will provide favorable conditions for both our existing clients as well as manufacturers from Central Asian countries."

While Latvian trade with Central Asia currently totals only around €180 million annually, there is huge untapped potential on both sides. Central Asian countries are rich in natural resources and agricultural output, while Latvia offers machines and electrical equipment. According to Dreimanis, Central Asia remains an emerging market for Vervo Group but one with tremendous growth prospects: "The fact that state-owned institutions participated in the forum shows there is significant interest in expanding export and import opportunities."

Through a full day of presentations, B2B meetings, and deal-making at the forum, Vervo Group has laid the groundwork for capitalizing on Central Asia's rapidly growing economies. The partnerships we established represent an important step in Vervo Group's strategy to expand its customer base, global reach, and service offerings - demonstrating why Vervo Group acts as a strategic player in the global logistics sector and supply chain management.


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